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The ensuing city hall meeting, broadcast live, was a disaster, with local religious leaders debating whether or not anal sex was “natural.” We still have no ENDA.

Louisiana can be ass backwards sometimes, but it’s important to remember Southern hospitality is alive and well.

In my teen years, Baton Rouge didn’t have much to offer besides crappy chain restaurants, LSU football games and a high teen pregnancy rate.

After high school, I swore I’d go to college out of state, or at least outside of Baton Rouge.

Conservative elective officials elected by a conservative majority dominate the state and local government in Louisiana, and it can be difficult to see any legislative progress for LGBT people despite the best efforts of some amazing advocacy groups working hard to make changes.

Two years ago, Baton Rouge failed to pass an Employment Non-Discrimination Act, a pretty standard piece of legislature most city’s have in place.

Once I got accepted to the state’s flagship university, I promised I’d leave once and for all after graduation, journalism degree in hand.

Anecdotally, a lesbian couple I know who recently moved to the Northeast said they were considering moving back to Louisiana because they miss how strong the community is here.Student activism groups feed into adult activism groups, and all activists come together in support of one another.At LSU, Spectrum is the LGBT organization on campus, Feminists in Action is exactly what you’d think and Baton Rouge Organizing formed to connect students and other progressives to already existing advocacy groups.Mon-Thu: 4pm-2am Fri: 3pm-2am Sat: 4pm-2am Sun: 4pm-12am Probably the trendiest spot in Baton Rouge, Radio Bar neighborhood bar exists in what used to be an auto shop, with huge garage doors that open up to an outside patio with ping pong tables and a second bar.Pet and queer friendly, Radio Bar allows bar-goers to select bar tunes through an i Phone app, a modern alternative to putting coins in a juke box.My entire friend group is comprised of Baton Rouge queers, and they’re the most open, welcoming people I know.Adversity brings people together and forms close bonds between them, and that’s definitely reflected in Baton Rouge’s culture of activism.Below you’ll find a highly curated list of activities, sights to see, and places to be seen in Baton Rouge from a resident queer. The city is big enough to have a nightlife, an art scene and a number of events going on to keep locals constantly entertained, yet the pace is slow enough to suit those with families who live in the suburbs and come to the city to play.I tried to emphasize the hip and trendy new spots while including not-to-be-missed Baton Rouge classics. While there are no specific “gayborhoods” in Baton Rouge, there are more hip areas where young working professionals and artistic types tend to congregate.Groups like Equality Louisiana and Capital City Alliance work tirelessly to advocate for LGBT people in Louisiana and Baton Rouge.Many of my friends volunteer with STAR (Sexual Trauma Response & Awareness), and each year HAART puts on fun events to raise money and awareness about HIV/AIDS in Baton Rouge.


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