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Who is emeka ike dating

Damasus remarried in 2007, this time to Emeka Nzeribe.

The marriage lasted for seven months before a mutual agreement to divorce.

(Read here, if you missed the story) Ini Edo’s husband’s former wife, Ruth Okoro is also accusing Jim Iyke of being ‘fraudulent’ in his relationships.

At the age of 13, Stella moved to Asaba in Delta State with her family where she finished her secondary school education.Emeka Ike has been telling the world that he has won his case against the Board of Trustees of the guild, and that he has been declared the President of the body.We need to correct this falsehood deliberately being peddled around obviously for political gains of the bearer of the false information.” “The truth is that Emeka Ike did not get any judgment or victory against members of the Board of Trustees of the Actors Guild of Nigeria.Addressing a press conference on Wednesday, Prince Dike insisted that, having ceased to function as a member of the guild, Emeka Ike never obtained any judgment or victory against members of the Board of Trustees of the guild.According to him, “we have decided to talk to the press concerning what have been dished out by Emeka Ike concerning his litigation with the members of the Board of Trustees of the Actors Guild of Nigeria.Damasus is a Theatre arts graduate of the University of Lagos.She first appeared in the Nigerian film Abused in 1992.Jim Iyke tried to talk me out of telling my husband and when I insisted he got upset and decided to set Emeka Ike up because Emeka Ike is the only person I confided in and when I was invited to Maryland to feature in a movie, alongside Keturah Hamilton, Emeka Ike was there and I always confided in him and asked questions.Emeka Ike and his wife Emma have been my friends for over 11 years now, I visited them when I visit Nigeria…Jim Iyke made lofty promises to me trying to win my heart and he never expected me to say no so when I did he tried to convince me telling me that the man I claim to love so much and brought to the United States has been cheating on me with everything in skirt.(Philips Ehiagwina) an Edo man I met in Nigeria in 1998 and sacrificed all to ensure he has a good life.


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  2. There is a new sheriff in town just in case you don’t know as Nollywood actor Emeka Ike has been unseated as the President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria at a recently staged election.

  3. Emeka Ike's Wife Files For Divorce Over Domestic Violence Allegations. smokes weed like his life depends on it, dating young girls that just finished.

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  5. Nollywood actor Emeka Ike, has finally spoken up about his affair with the young lady he is rumored to have been dating for a while.

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